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Honourable Magistrate of Karaj Prosecutor’s Office of the Islamic Revolution

It is respectfully submitted:

In the Name of God

Date: 20 Dey 1391 [9 January 2013]


The Honourable President of the Commission for Article 90 [of the Constitution] of the Islamic Consultative Assembly

Subject of Request: To address the grievance and closure of business premises and determine its resulting financial damages

Respectfully, I, Payam Vali, am the manager of an optical business, located in the City of Nazarabad. Nearly five years has passed since my place of business was sealed by the authorities. Being a rented shop, it has caused me enormous material loss and damages. Although I have presented my grievances several times, pleading for justice to the offices of the Judiciary, including the Office of Judiciary of the City of Nazarabad and the Court of Appeals, and have filed a case at Branches 3 and 5 of the Court of Administrative Justice and the Court of Administrative Justice Board, unfortunately, owing to my religious belief as a [Baha’i], my legal and citizenship rights have not been defended, so far, in any of the administrative offices.

Therefore, according to your suggestion, I followed up my case again by submitting a petition to the Nazarabad city court for the second time in 1390 [2011/2012], and finally the respected prosecutor of Nazarabad City told me to refer to the Court of Administrative Justice.

For the second time in the last five years, in the late 1390s [2010s],  a bill was drawn up on behalf of the health network, which had refused to give permission to the optometrist introduced by me, leading to the closure of my business premises, several times, by that office of properties. Therefore, after months, Branch 3 of the Court of Administrative Justice has now taken action to reject my petition.

In your opinion, is there another institution in the judiciary to which I can refer and restore my lost citizenship rights?

I appeal to that esteemed Commission, after considering the following submission, to issue necessary instructions to attend to my plea for justice.

  1. On 10 Khordad 1369 [31 May 1990], when I was only ten years old, we pulled the lifeless body of my 12-year-old innocent brother (Afshin Vali) from the aqueduct of Hosseinabad Village in Nazarabad City. Of course, about three months before that incident, my Muslim classmates at primary school used to tell me that our elders said that shedding Baha’i blood was permissible.

Now, in order to find out the truth of this bitter tragedy I suggest that you ask and investigate the truth from our dear old Muslim neighbours in that village [and find out] how and by whom this tragedy took place and let it be known what calamities and persecutions my family and I have suffered over the past years, simply because of our belief in the Baha’i Faith.

  1. At a young age, all my family members (including my six brothers and sisters) were deprived of continuing our higher education in the higher education institutions of the country only for religious reasons, the effects of which led to the deprivation of the professions we intended to pursue. 
  2. Nearly five years ago, considering that I am married and have children, and bearing in mind that my place of business was a rented shop, by the illegal order of the Nazarabad City Security Council, without human compassion, they sealed my place of business, with which I earn my living and manage my family with its income, and left me in a dire financial and economic situation.
  3. After my business premises were sealed off, I found out that it had been decided to deprive me of all civil, social, legal and human rights; in fact, the decision was already in effect. I thought I should defend my civil rights by all the national legal means. Unfortunately, after one year, all my legal actions to access my rights were considered as engagement in propaganda against the regime and actions against the national security, and they detained me for almost three months at the detention centre of the Department of Intelligence of Karaj (Ministry of Intelligence). They interrogated me, blindfolded, under psychological torture, but I was finally acquitted in the Nazarabad City Court.
  4. After I had been freed from prison, they decided not to deprive the members of my family of these calamities either! Therefore, after they had sealed off my business, my father-in-law, Hosein Shaygan, was arrested and imprisoned for over five months at the Rejaei-Shahr Prison, accused, ridiculously, of having helped his son-in-law in order to reopen the sealed shop at the City of Nazarabad.
  5. Is the reason why some people have committed such atrocities against me as a Baha’i citizen not because they have been instigated by [following] baseless accusations? Or has belief in these accusations, which have not been proven in any court, not caused them great hatred and resentment? The accusations and calumnies against the Baha’is, such as; heresy, propagating against the regime, acting against the national security, marrying close relatives, being unclean, being the puppets of foreigners, being involved in espionage, joyous celebration for mourning days of Ashura, etc. have been going on for many years, and Baha’is are being accused and blamed for any unpleasant national incident. Thus, mass media and television, by taking advantage of them, have attempted to portray the Baha’is as untrustworthy elements in the eyes of the public and authorities. Or have they not suffered from great resentment and hatred by believing these baseless accusations, which have not been proven in any court? I hope that these misunderstandings will be resolved in the future, and that no other innocent citizen will become the target of these inhumane prejudices. 

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the social rights of Baha’i citizens, in accordance with the instructions of the supreme leader. According to paragraph 2 of chapter (G) of letter number 1327, dated 6 Bahman 1369 [26 January 1991] from the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, addressed to the esteemed head of the office of the supreme leader, with regard to the legal and social stance of the Baha’i citizens, it has been recommended that necessary preparation be made for right [to life] and their general rights, like other Iranian citizens, such as having the Basij booklet, passport, burial certificate, work permit and the like, which are being agreed to by the supreme leader, written as a marginal note in the above mentioned letter.

 In order to accelerate your efforts to investigate this plea for justice, a copy of this letter is also being sent to the following respected authorities:

  1. The Honourable President of the Country
  2. The Honourable Council of the State Exigency
  3. The Honourable Assembly of Experts
  4. The Honourable Guardian Council
  5. The Honourable Head of the Islamic Consultative Assembly
  6. The Honourable Head of the Judiciary
  7. The Honourable Prosecutor General
  8. The Honourable Minister of the Interior
  9. The Honourable Minister of Justice
  10. The Honourable Minister of Trade
  11. The Honourable National Police Force
  12. The General Inspection Organization of Iran
  13. The Honourable Head of the Supreme Court
  14. The Honourable Head of the Court of Administrative Justice
  15. The Honourable Head of Branch 3 of the Court of Administrative Justice

[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

With much appreciation


Payam Vali

20 Dey 1391 [9 January 2013]

[Telephone Number] [redacted]


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