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In the Name of God


Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

Date: 15 Mordad 1387 [5 August 2008]

Number 52/2418

Enclosure: -----


Esteemed Brother, Dr. Tavakkoli

Respected Executive Deputy of Sanjesh[1] Organization


Please find enclosed an image of a request from Mr. Hesam Misaghi—with an instructional note dated 12 Mordad 1387 [2 August 2008] by Mr. Mohammad-Taghi Rahbar, the honourable representative of the people of Isfahan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly—concerning his problem in relation to the National Education Assessment of the year 1386 [2007].

Kindly instruct that the matter be examined favourably and inform this head office of the outcome.

Wishing you divine confirmations: Dr. Mohammad Jamshidi

Executive Director of the Office of Parliamentary Affairs



[Handwritten note at the bottom of the page]

In the Name of God

Ministry of Science, Assessment Office: Greetings, in regard to the above matter, please proceed in a non-discriminatory manner and according to the law and respond accordingly.

With gratitude,

Mohammad-Taghi Rahbar, Member of Parliament for Isfahan

12 Mordad 1387 [2 August 2008]

[Stamp with number and date]



15 Mordad 1387 [5 August 2008]


[Stamp with number and date in the margin of the page]

Registration at the office of [illegible]

Number: 52/2418

Date: 15 Mordad 1387 [5 August 2008]


[1] [National Education Assessment]