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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Research, Science and Technology


In His Exalted Name


Number: -----

Date: -----

Enclosure: -----




Dear Dr. Tavakkoli

Respected Executive Deputy of Sanjesh National Assessment and Evaluation Organization



Respectfully, enclosed is a facsimile of the letter issued by the director of the Investigation group of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, number D/86/9268, dated 17 Shahrivar 1386 [8 September 2007], with its enclosure, a copy of the letter from Mrs. Shiva Sharifpour Arabi, a candidate in this year’s National Entrance Exam, concerning the problem she has encountered at the said exam.

With due attention to the explanations provided by the aforementioned, kindly instruct that this matter be reviewed, and notify this office of the outcome.

Beseeching Divine confirmations,

Dr. Mohammad Jamshidi

Director General of the Islamic Consultative Assembly Secretariat Office



[Stamped reading:] Indexed



Mr. Mohammadi, respected director of the Social Affairs Investigation Group of the    Islamic Consultative Assembly Secretariat Office, for information and to notify the candidate for further action


[Handwritten note, number and date on the bottom of the page]


17 Mehr 1386 [9 October 2007]


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