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6 Bahman 1359 [26 January 1981]


The respected Purging Commission at the office of the Prime Minister,

With utmost reverence and respect, I wish to present to you that, I, Nematollah Zare, with a service history of about eleven years as a driver at Zamzam (Pepsi Cola) company in Shiraz, have always managed to gain the satisfaction of my supervisors, colleagues and other workers.

During the two-year period after the factory was destroyed and burnt down, we considered it our obligation to take on the necessary burden of working day and night, along with other co-workers, to restore it, and [to this end] I carried out my assigned duties with full devotion. However, on the first day the factory became operational, when I reported to work in the morning, the guards at the main entrance refused me entry with an order, citing the reason as being my allegiance to the Baha’i Faith. From that day up to this moment, my family and I, a total of five, have been passing our days in distress and now wish to turn to that respected commission and plead for justice and seek refuge.

Baha’is strictly avoid any involvement in politics, and have always proven their obedience and loyalty to the ruling government and the regime, and my dismissal surely contradicts the principles of Islamic Republic justice, since investigation of beliefs and professional deprivation is prohibited according to Articles 22 and 23 of the Islamic Republic Constitution. Furthermore, the government considers itself the supporter of the oppressed in the world, and I, too, am one these helpless oppressed.

I wish to humbly request that after investigation, [you] instruct that I may return to my job, to which I am devoted, and that my lost wages be paid. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated. In conclusion, I wish to mention that I have appealed to different civil authorities for justice, but so far to no avail.


With respect,

Nematollah Zare


[Address:] [Redacted]