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[Emblem of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran]

Number: 1667

Enclosure: -----

Date: 14 Dey 1345 [4 January 1967]


The Honourable Dr. Sadr, Minister of Justice,

Respectfully, we would like to inform you that anti-Baha’i activities have recently started in several locations in Iran, which have deprived this community of all peace and tranquillity.

On one hand, individuals affiliated with the Islamic Propagation [Organization] have gone to various localities and provoked people against Baha’is, until on 4 Dey 1345 [25 December 1966], with the previous conspiracy of a group of people from the villages around Seisan (located 50 km from Tabriz), where most of [the residents] are Baha’is, they invaded the village and beat and wounded a number of Baha’is, and killed a Baha’i named Yadollah Karimi. In other places, such as Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Abadan, Shahi, etc., similar groups are continuously laying the groundwork to create commotion. On the other hand, in many cities, law enforcement officials prevent Baha’is from getting together to pray and do not allow them to hold their festive meetings.

We request of Your Honour, according to His Majesty the Just King Aryamehr’s statement regarding the social freedom of all people, and considering the current laws of the country and the fact that Baha’is, according to their spiritual beliefs, are prohibited, as a matter of principle, from engaging in any political activity, that arrangements be made so that the community, which, in its total number, exceeds the sum of the members of other religious minorities in Iran, is no longer persecuted and in distress, and subjected to such prejudices, and allow them to enjoy their proper rights and not be prevented from holding their gatherings.


Secretary of the Assembly