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National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran

Number: 1150

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Date 15 Asma 101 B.E.

12 Shahrivar 1323 [3 September 1944]


Mr. Saed, Prime Minister,

Pursuant to our previous letters, we wish to once again bring to your kind attention that, after the tragic incidents of Shahroud, the news of the killing and pillaging of the Baha’is of that region has reached all corners of the glorious land of Iran, and the malicious and ill-wishing groups―always looking for an excuse to provoke heightened sentiments among the ignorant and cause commotion and turmoil―are now instigating mischievous and malevolent groups against the Baha’is in absolute freedom, and are openly and audaciously encouraging them to kill the Baha’is and loot [their properties]. Exploiting the religious sentiments in the holy month of Ramadan, they have embarked with utmost endeavour and intensity to fan the fire of sedition and turmoil, and they wish to cause widespread chaos and disorder.

Details of injustices against the Baha’is have regularly been communicated to you and to other responsible authorities and offices, requesting that preventive measures be taken against the atrocities committed by the ill-wishers and the malicious. At this time, we wish to bring to your attention a brief account of the recent events and wish to ask for your full attention to various requests and appeals by the oppressed and the defenceless people and ask you to take appropriate measures for punishment of the instigators and the offenders.

  1. In the City of Babol, a group of malicious people have seized a property which, according to the law of the land and the registered ownership documents, officially belongs to the Baha’i community, and are using it as an excuse to cause commotion and disorder, provoking people verbally and through their publications against the Baha’is of that region, and, with utmost cunning, are paving the way for a general disturbance and disorder. If the authorities fail to protect the innocent Baha’is and refuse to issue strict orders and clear guidelines to stop the ill-wishers and villains, the flame of uprising and disorder may suddenly flare up and [unexpected and] undesirable events may follow.
  2. In Kashan, provoked by the malicious agitators and provocateurs, and with a so-called “Mr. Ansari” in the lead, the public has embarked on an intense rampage of tyrannical acts against the Baha’is of the region and the severity of their atrocities is increasing day by day. In the evening of 6 Shahrivar [28 August], they set fire to the main entrance doors of a number of prominent Baha’is, and they continue to carry out their savage acts with utmost audacity and boldness. Given the religious zeal and prejudice for which the residents of Kashan are known, should the central authorities fail to prevent further development of the lawlessness and chaos in a timely manner, grievous events and countless tragedies will, God forbid, ensue.
  3. In Kerman, a society called the “Religious Society of Kerman” has been formed, which, in fact, is a centre for hostility and enmity towards the Baha’is. Members of this society provoke the city residents against the Baha’is; rascals and hooligans are constantly insulting Baha’i sanctities with curses and stinging words in every corner and district.
  4. In the City of Sari in Mazandaran, the wave of sedition has reached its height, and the residents are stopping Baha’is on the streets and public places, threatening to kill them and loot their properties, and have publicly declared that soon they will receive the same fate as the Baha’is of Shahroud. Some of the local clergy, such as Sheikh Nasrollah Khalili, Ghofrani, Razavi and others, are fanning the fire of animosity among the ignorant public against the Baha’is. One of them, called Shahroudi, who has recently returned from Najaf, has spoken about the Shahroud incident in the mosque, telling the public that, “You are not a true Muslim unless you kill at least 100 Baha’is”.
  5. A similar situation exists in Shahi, where the malicious villains are preparing for a new wave of sedition and disturbance. Members of the general public from neighbouring villages are apparently in support of the Sari instigators, waiting for an opportunity to attack the few local Baha’is. A few days ago, during the opening ceremony of the Shahi Mosque, the clergy openly incited the public from the pulpit to start on a rampage of killing and looting against the Baha’is and called it a praiseworthy act in the sight of God.
  6. In Khorramabad, too, the malicious malefactors are using every excuse to start a rampage of persecution against the Baha’is, waiting for an opportunity to realize their malicious goals.

This was an account of atrocities against the Baha’is in some cities in the blessed land of Iran, which, in utmost brevity, was brought to your attention. No doubt, Your Honour will issue strict and explicit orders to the authorities in charge to prevent a general commotion by the mischievous instigators and seditious ill-wishers, and to protect the lives, properties and family members of a large number of resident subjects of this country.

With respect,

Secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran, Ali-Akbar Foroutan

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National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran


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To be communicated to the Ministry of Interior. 20 Shahrivar [11 September 1944]


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Mr. Dabiran, 22 Shahrivar 1323 [13 September 1944]


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Entry number to the Ministry file

Number.: 12023

Date: 22 Shahrivar 1323 [13 September 1944]