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Number: 1129


Date: 24 Asma 101

Corresponding:  11 Shahrivar 1323 [2 September 1944]


The Honourable Mr. [Mohammad] Sa’ed, the Prime Minister,

Almost one month has passed since the blood-stricken tragedy of Shahroud. As a result of these barbaric actions and the violent behaviour of a few thugs and wicked individuals, a group of honest, hardworking and peaceful farmers of this country have completely fallen from existence and had to escape, along with their wives and children, from their familiar homeland empty-handed, with teary eyes and burning hearts. [They] are waiting anxiously to witness the outcome of the justice and fair-mindedness of the honourable government authorities to prosecute and punish these instigators and perpetrators for this heinous act in such a way that it becomes a rebuke for others, so that other vicious and malevolent people will not dare and be tempted to commit such acts of savagery and stain their hands with the blood of the innocent people.

Although strict orders and explicit instructions for the prosecution of the criminals and restoration of justice to the oppressed have been issued by that honourable authority, and this Assembly and all the Baha’is of Iran are thankful and grateful, the suffering and the victims whose possessions have been pillaged and their homes and shops devoured by fire until now, have been left distressed, devastated and in suspense, and have not seen any noticeable outcome of the actions of the relevant authorities.

Based on the [available] information, some Shahroud police officers have freely taken ownership of the belongings of these oppressed people and have sent, among their personal belongings, a truck full of these pillaged properties to Semnan.

That honourable authority is asked once again, to emphatically issue strict orders to the relevant authorities to expedite the process of the investigation of this case, so that these plundered victims and survivors of the fanaticism and prejudice of the corrupt plotters and malefactors will be relieved.

With utmost respect

The Secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly of Iran,

Ali-Akbar Foroutan


[Stamp of the National Spiritual Assembly of Iran]


[Handwritten notes on the margin of the page]

The honourable Mr. Ashrafi

[Illegible] Request explanations from the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Interior. 14 Shahrivar [5 September]

Dr. Fatemi, to take action.



[Handwritten numbers and dates at the bottom of the page]

11931, 20 Shahrivar 1323 [11 September 1944],

1307, 4 Mehr 1323 [26 September 1944]


20 Shahrivar 1323 [11 September 1944]


[Handwritten note at the top of the page]

Mr. Dabiran, in pursuant to the previous letters, please write necessary explanations to the Ministries of Justice and the Internal Affairs


18 Shahrivrar 1323 [9 September 1944]