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No.: 1548

Enclosure: -----

Date: 17 Ala 95 – 27 Esfand 1317 [18 March 1939]


Honourable Prime Minister Jam

With utmost respect, I wish to submit to Your Excellency that, as you are aware, Mr. Nikaeen Yazdi was accused of setting a person on fire in a brick making oven and was initially incarcerated in Yazd for several months. He was released following the local investigations, and after a special inspector from the central office was dispatched, resulting in the discovery of the real murderer.

Recently, due to the religious zeal of some people in Yazd and provocations from the local agitators, he was arrested again in Tehran and has been jailed now for nearly seven months. The case has been so distorted and misrepresented that a second investigator was dispatched to Yazd. The investigator, however, rather than make an effort to extinguish the fire of prejudice and agitations, has given in to the wishes of some of the locals and ordered the arrest of twelve respectable citizens, none of whom have ever had any police records, and all are witnesses in the said Nikaeen case. He even summoned Mr. Hasan Nooshabadi from Shiraz, one of the witnesses, and has detained him. They have also confiscated books and papers belonging to the detainees.   

We believe, in this auspicious period of ever-advancing civilization and in this blessed land of Iran, your pure conscience will not permit the agitators and ill-wishers to continue their activities to the extent where:

First - An innocent person could be arrested and imprisoned again when the real murderer has been identified;

Second - A group of witnesses, who are protected by law to freely and truthfully give their testimony, would become subject to aggression and arrest;

Third - The investigator and the authorities who should be impartial and maintain objectivity for the best interest of the government and state, would fall for the machinations and plots of the agitators.

We express our hope and supplication to that exalted station to issue explicit orders and directives regarding this case, to prevent these false processes, and not to allow these innocent individuals, who are and have always been free from any such intrigues, to remain in jail. We further wish to request that you order their papers and books to be returned to them.

The edict is yours.

With utmost respect,

Secretary of the Assembly,   Ali Akbar Furutan