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National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran

Number: 2878

Enclosure: ------

Date: 7 Sultan 101 B.E.

Corresponding to: 5 Bahman 1323 [25 January 1945]


Respected National Consultative Assembly of Iran,

The esteemed deputy members are well aware that on Saturday, 16 Dey of the current year [6 January 1945], Mr. Lankarani, a member of parliament, brought up the question of Baha’is during his presentation, and unfortunately targeted them with slanderous accusations.

Although both the listeners and speakers in that Assembly are well aware that these unfounded accusations were for the single purpose of political gain and for causing hostile sentiments towards his opponent―and perhaps the respected speaker himself did not believe, sincerely and consciously, his own words, thus becoming the embodiment of the holy words “saying with their mouths what was not in their hearts[1]―nevertheless, this [Baha’i National] Assembly, in an attempt to shed light on  the obvious and clear truth, submits this letter to your respected Consultative Assembly.

From the very beginning, after the advent of the Baha’i Faith, those who found this religion hindering their own selfish motives and worldly desires rose with all their powers to destroy and [exterminate] the followers of the Cause of Baha’u’llah and to provoke both the public and the authorities in a campaign of murder and looting against them, to the point where the blood of more than twenty thousand of the followers of this Faith, young and old, men and women, was shed, and the lifeline of a great many faithful servants of this country was slashed. The inferno of rage and hatred blazed so high that even the suckling babes were treated with no mercy and the words of the poet [Persian poem][2] fully prevailed.

In addition to all the killings and lootings, the enemies of the Faith took up the arms of slanderous accusation and, from pulpits and in their books, accused Baha’is of being heretics and promoters of ungodliness. Sometimes, they called them supporters of dictatorship and authoritarian regimes, and sometimes advocates of parliamentary monarchy and liberalism. At times, [they called them] agents of foreign politics, and at times considered these righteous servants of God to be against the interests of this ancient homeland and regarded these devoted well-wishers as betrayers. They published a few fabricated papers, such as the political “Confessions of Dolgorouki” and branded the Baha’is as the agents of the northern neighbour (Russia). Yet another time, they [called] the southern politics (England) their founder. In short, they presented this group in the public eye differently at every moment and considered this defenceless group to be the enemies of humankind, to the extent that the common public, influenced by these manipulations, was convinced that disassociation from the Baha’is was a praiseworthy act in the eyes of the Lord of Lords, and their harassment and persecution a means of nearness to the precincts of the All-Merciful.

But Baha’is consider Baha’u’llah, according to the expressed text of the past holy writings, to be the Promised One of all nations and religions and the Founder of the unity of mankind; His teachings to be the promoter of peace, tranquillity and brotherhood among all nations and the sole remedy for the chronic sufferings of the world. They consider the Blessed Divine Tree to be “neither to the east nor the west”[3] and the power of the Celestial Kingdom to be sanctified from associations with this material realm and its limitations and constraints.

With utmost patience, forbearance and reliance on God, they have clung to the hem of His grace and endured the weighty burden of all false accusations and calumny from ill-wishers and antagonists. Fearless of the persecutions, abuses, killings, lootings, flying daggers, arrows or razor-sharp swords from enemies, they never ceased to guide the people of the world. In spite of immense oppressions, they carried the message of the All-Glorious to all corners of the world, until the fame of this Cause encompassed the whole world; communities were formed in seventy-eight countries of the world, literature and books of this religion were published in forty-five (45) or more languages, even for children and for the blind and the visually impaired. Two magnificent temples rose aloft in the name of the All-Knowing God, in Turkistan and in America.

It became clear to the people of discernment and justice that the Baha’i Faith is sanctified from enemy accusations and free from their undeserved fantasies; it is a divine religion and a heavenly Faith. All the holy scriptures of the past have foretold its appearance. Eventually, under the coverage of the sacred teachings of that Reviver of all nations, human [beings] will cease their aggression and will seek shelter under the tree of all-encompassing unity; they will put aside their ingrained animosity and will extinguish the flame of prejudice and old hostility in their hearts.

People of insight are aware that, in spite of the repeated atrocities, continued murders, lootings and unlimited obstacles and difficulties, at the present time, followers of various religions and denominations, including followers of Buddha, Brahma, Zoroaster, Moses, Christ and Muhammad have gathered under the shadow of this religion and have forged bonds of brotherhood and equality with one another and have forsaken their long-standing animosity; thus revealing the inner meaning of the sacred divine text of the Quran, which says “Had you spent all the riches in the earth, you could not have united their hearts. But Allah has united them.”[4]

It is with utter regret and disappointment that at a time when masses of people from advanced nations and ethnicities and civilized populations have entered under the shadow of the Baha’i Faith, whose Founder is from Iran, and, based on the attestation of Baha’u’llah, have testified to the truth of all the previous religions, and who consider Iran to be their spiritual point of adoration and who worship this blessed land, and longed for the day when their eyes would be blessed by visiting the homeland of the Founder of their sacred religion, and their bodies be buried under the pure soil of this sacred land, Iranians and fellow-citizens of the Founder of this Divine religion have not yet ceased their hostility and animosity, after the passing of so many long years, and have reduced the station of this heavenly religion to a mere man-made and worldly affair, and thus unfairly judge the Baha’is who have freely sacrificed their lives and possessions in order to guide humankind and to glorify Iranians and to establish the well-being of all mankind.

It has been close to one century that the darts of all kinds of false accusation and slander have been flying high towards the Baha’is from every corner, and everyone has been attacking this oppressed group in a different way. Many, according to their own fantasies, have tried to defame them in the public eye, and many have published vilifying and insulting books and papers repudiating this group. Baha’is, however, do not reduce themselves in defence against this type of nonsense and have left them to God and His all-wise judgement. But since this address has taken place in the official session of the National Consultative Assembly, we are compelled to break the silence and submit this letter to your esteemed assemblage.

Since Mr. Lankarani intended to suggest both implicitly and explicitly that Baha’is interfere in political affairs and act against the interest of the state, this Assembly herby mentions a brief list of Baha’i beliefs: Unequivocal prohibition of any involvement in political affairs; praise, glorification, admiration and high regard for this sacred land of Iran, which is the homeland of the Prophet Founder of their Faith and the soil of which has been dyed with the blood of thousands of martyrs. This is to prove that they [Baha’is] are free from these false accusations and far from these affairs; they have no quarrel against any nation or state and strictly avoid interference in the political affairs of other countries, [they] consider everyone to have been nurtured by the hand of the Almighty and all humans as the servants of one true God. Service to this land and promotion of science is their highest aspiration and enlightenment, and counsel to their fellow citizens on the pathway of the sacred religion of God their most exalted virtue.

Regarding non-involvement in political affairs, Abdul-Baha says: [Persian verse][5]

Shoghi Effendi, the Guardian of the Baha’i Faith, writes: [Persian verse][6]

Regarding the future glory and grandeur of the sacred land of Iran, Abdul-Baha says: [Persian verse][7]

There are a great many explicit utterances regarding non-interference in political affairs and the future glory of the sacred land of Iran; however, the aforementioned will suffice.

With most sincere respect,

Secretary of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran,

Ali-Akbar Foroutan

[Signature over the official stamp]

National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran



[1] [Quran 3:167] https://quran.com/3

[2] [Divan Hafez: The original text is as follows: “نوک خاری نیست کز خون شهیدان سرخ نیست”]

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[5] [The authorized translation of this text is not available in English. The original text is as follows:]

"حزب الله را در امور سیاسی مدخلی نه و از حکومات عالم شکر و شکوه ئی نیست از جمیع احزاب در کناریم و با چشم اشکبار از برای کل امم و ملل فضل و موهبت پروردگار طلبیم. مأمور باطاعت حکومتیم و بیزار از هر نزاع و خصومت باید یاران سبب الفت عالم انسانی گردند و مروج اتحاد و یگانگی اقوام و ملل بنفس رحمانی شوند. ما را با احزاب نه الفتی و نه کلفتی زیرا در نظر یاران الهی منازعات کشوری از سیاسی و مذهبی از اهمیت بکلی عاری. ما خیرخواه عمومیم و بیخبر از افکار موهوم تا توانیم اساس الفت بنهیم و بین الادیان و الامم دفع کلفت کنیم صلح عمومی طلبیم و راستی و دوستی و آشتی بین شعوب و قبائل خواهیم اینست مسلک بهائیان اینست طریق روحانیان. شما بیطرفی خویش را بیان کنید و خیر خواهی عمومی را واضح و عیان نمائید و بنشر نفحات الله پردازید."


[6] [The authorized translation of this text is not available in English. The original text is as follows:]

"از امور سیاسیه و مخاصمات احزاب و دول باید کل قلباً و ظاهراً لساناً و باطناً بکلی در کنار و از این گونه افکار فارغ و آزاد باشیم با هیچ حزبی رابطه سیاسی نجوئیم و در جمع هیج فرقه ئی از این فرق مختلفه متنازعه داخل نگردیم. امرالله را چه تعلقی بامور سیاسیه و چه مداخله ئی در مخاصمات و منازعات داخله و خارجه دول و ملل باید در نهایت سکون و حکمت و اشتعال و همت و ثبات و استقامت نصایح مشفقانه رب عزیز را بکرات و مرات تلاوت نمائیم و عامل گردیم. باسبابی معنوی بتعدیل عالم اخلاق پردازیم نه آنکه تمسک بوسائل مادیه سیاسیه جوئیم

بقوائی ملکوتی تدریجاً قلوب را تقلیب و مسخر نمائیم و تزکیه نفوس و ارواح را منظور نظر داریم نه آنکه در ترویج اسم و شهرت کوشیم و در فکر کسب مقام و منزلتی در این عالم فانی باشیم. بیطرفی کامل را نسبت باحزاب سیاسیه باید قلباً و لساناً اظهار داشت و خیرخواهی تمام نوع بشر چه دولت و چه ملت که از اساس مبادی بهائیانست باقوال و اعمال اثبات نمود. آنچه از الزم امور در این ایام است و کافل حفظ و سعادت یاران همانا احتراز از مداخله در امور سیاسیه و احزاب داخله و خارجه است در این مقام بکرات و مرات از فم مطهر و کلک میثاق بیانات صریحه شدیده ئی نازل گشته و نصوص قاطعه در کتب و صحف امریه مسطور و مثبوت تأویل و تفسیر در این مقام چون سم مهلک هیکل امرالله را لطمه‌ای شدید رساند و در ورطه های گوناگون اندازد و ذیل پاک امر نازنین را ملوث سازد و روح تأیید را بکلی سلب نماید و یاران را مبتلا و گرفتار و محروم از کل مواهب الهیه گرداند."

[7] [The authorized translation of this text is not available in English. The original text is as follows:]

"آن اقلیم قدیم مرکز فیض جلیل شود و آوازه بزرگواریش گوشزد خاور و باختر گرددو مرکز سنوحات رحمانیه شود و مصدر فیوضات ربانیه گردد عزت قدیمه بازگردد و درهای بسته باز شود زیرا نیّر یزدانی در اوجش بتافت و نور حقیقت در قطبش علم بر افراخت آهنگ جهان بالا بلند شد و پرتو ملاء اعلی بدرخشید ملکوت الهی خیمه زد و آئین یزدانی منتشر شد عنقریب خواهی دید که آن کشور بنفحات قدس معطر است و آن اقلیم بنور قدیم منوز لهذا باید فارسیان قدر این بخشش بدانند و آفرین بر خداوند آفرینش نمایند که چنین بخشایشی نمود و آسایشی بخشید و آرایشی داد موطن قدیم را اشرف اقلیم نمود و مسکن دیرین را مطلع نور مبین فرمود این موهبت سزاوار ستایش است و جهان آفرین را سزاوار نیایش. پاک یزدانا خاک ایران را از آغاز مشکبیز فرمودی و شورانگیز و دانش خیز و گوهر ریز ازخاورش همواره خورشیدت نور افشان و در باخترش ماه تابان نمایان کشورش مهرپرور و دشت بهشت آسایش پر گل و گیاه جان پرور و کهسارش پر از میوه تازه و تر و چمن زارش رشگ باغ بهشت هوشش پیغام سروش و جوشش چون دریای ژرف پر خروش. ملاحظه خواهید کرد که بتائید الهی ایران چنان فوران نماید که سیل جان بخشش اقالیم عالم را سبز و خرم نماید. آن حدود و ثغور منبت شجره مبارکه است و موطن حضرت مقصود و عاقبت چنان آباد گردد که جمیع ممالک عالم غبطه خورند. حال نیز هر چند حدود و ثغور نور بلد مطمور است لکن عنقریب بیت معمور گردد و عزت ابدیه جلوه نماید مطاف عالمیان گردد و اول اقلیم جهان شود و اهل نور افتخار و مباهات بر جمهور نمایند. مستقبل ایران در نهایت شکوه و عظمت و بزرگورای است. جمیع اقالیم عالم توجه و نظر احترام بایران خواهند نمود و یقین بدانید که چنان ترقی نماید که انظار جمیع اعاظم و دانایان عالم حیران ماند هذه بشارة کبری بلّغها لمن تشاء و هذا وعد غیر مکذوب. شماها که خیر خواه دولتید و صادق و مطیع حکومتید و موافق همواره بخدمت پردازید و هر یک که در دربار دولت مستخدم گردید باید بنهایت راستی و حقیقت پرستی و عفت و پاکدامنی و تنزیه و تقدیس و عدالت و انصاف سلوک و حرکت نمائید."