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Date: 12 Shahrivar 1362 [3 September 1983]

To the wronged and oppressed believers in Iran:

In this historic and luminous century, when the glorious rays of His Faith all over the world are attracting the eyes and attention of friends and foes alike, the result of the perseverance, constant sacrifices, purity of motive, exalted efforts, detachment, oppression, and martyrdom in the path of the Lord, as well as the continuation of pressures, persecutions, threats, and severe and varied hardships and difficulties inflicted upon the noble followers of His blessed Faith in the blessed country of Iran, have, during these turbulent times, surrounded the friends from all sides, and a fresh calamity unveils itself every moment.

Unfortunately, once again, during a recent press conference, the respected public prosecutor of the revolutionary government has [made] some false accusations against this community and has announced the ban of the Baha’i administration from the point of view of the Prosecutor’s Office.

It is incumbent upon the Baha’is to obey the authorities, and according to the beloved Guardian as stated in his letter dated November 1928:

[Persian verse][1].

[Therefore,] in obedience to the directive of the beloved Guardian, we are hereby announcing the shutdown of the Baha’i administration, namely Spiritual Assemblies and committees.

It is clear and evident that while obeying the government in these clear matters, in matters of conscience concerning the beliefs of the Baha’is, they will prefer martyrdom to obedience. The believers are well aware that the revolutions, objections, and attacks will become the cause of the spread of the Faith, its consolidation, freedom and propagation. The dear and tested friends in the homeland of the Blessed Beauty, will, no doubt, not allow any remnant of fear to enter their hearts; nay, rather, they will be even stronger than before, remaining more steadfast than ever, since all know that for well nigh a hundred years, the Faith has been going through its process of evolution all over the world without regular administrative functions, to the extent that even in these recent years, the same has happened in some of the [other] countries of the world; nevertheless, the Faith has remained safe and protected and has been progressing day by day.

The friends should remain certain that the steadfastness of the believers in Iran, under all conditions, has always been and will continue to be the cause of the fame and spread of the Faith in the world. That which is needed and befitting is that during this turbulent period, the families keep the lamp of the Faith of God burning. They must carry out the principles and obey the Laws, and exert all efforts to carry out all matters, such as Baha’i marriage, divorce, and burial ceremonies according to the Baha’i ordinances. They should attempt to deepen their sincerity and love for the Faith through the regular study and safeguarding of the Writings, and frequent family meetings. They should aid and assist one another at all times and under all conditions, and be one another’s support and help during the persecution and difficulties, thus manifesting the greatness and power of the Word of God, in their deeds and actions.

There is no doubt that these events will serve to water the hearts of men like the springtime showers, decorating them with the flowers of faith and certitude, and the light emanating from the fire of this turmoil will, ere long, illumine the souls in the world and guide them to the straight path. Now, it is the time for patience and clinging to the Teachings of the Faith.

Our assured plea is that all the friends and believers remain totally obedient to the government in all matters which do not pertain to their belief and conscience, and, as always, refrain from entering into political issues and subjects which are contrary to the standards of the Faith. They should attempt to deepen their knowledge of the Faith, attain perfections and exalted qualities, to be known among friends and foes alike for, and excelling in, their knowledge, insight, understanding, good character, praiseworthy deeds, belief in God, spiritual connections with each other, and the companionship of the righteous.

Let us recall the Words of the Master as quoted by the beloved Guardian: [Persian verse][2]

In closing, these eager ones would like to sincerely and humbly praise and express gratitude for the efforts and noble services of all the friends in the Cradle of the Faith―those who, with all their power, strength, courage, perseverance and patience have tried and worked for the progress, fame, and spread of our dear Faith. We are certain that these hardships and calamities will lead to great victories and to the good pleasure of the One True God, and the triumph of the Cause in Iran and all over the world.

In “The Advent of Divine Justice”, written on 25 December 1938, the beloved Guardian foresaw our present situation as follows:

“As their defensive measures for the impending struggle are organized and extended, storms of abuse and ridicule, and campaigns of condemnation and misrepresentation, may be unloosed against them. Their Faith, they may soon find, has been assaulted, their motives misconstrued, their aims defamed, their aspirations derided, their institutions scorned, their influence belittled, their authority undermined....”

In another letter, he writes, [Persian verse][3]

We beseech confirmations and victory for you all, from His Holy Threshold. With warmest and most loving greetings,

The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran



[1] [The authorized translation of this text is not available in English. The original text is as follows:

 "آنچه از طرف اولیای امور و حکام محلی و مرکزی آن اقلیم راجع بشئون اداری امریه از قبیل انعقاد مجامع عمومیه و تشکیل محافل و لجنه‌های امریه و امر تبلیغ و نشریات و مراسلات با مراکز داخله و خارجه صادر گردد باید کل اطاعت نمایند و تمرد و مخالفت احکام و اوامر قطعیه حکومت متبوعه خویش را بقدر رأس شعره‌ای جائز ندانند ولی در امور وجدانی که متعلق باصول معتقدات یاران است از قبیل تمرد و انکار و تبری شبهه‌ای نبوده و نیست جمهور مومنین و متمسکان بعروةالوثقای ایقان و عرفان شهادت را بر اطاعت مقدم دانند و هستی خویش را من دون خوف و تردید فدای مبداء مقدس خویش نمایند و از صراط مستقیم صراحت و حقیقت انحراف نجویند و از تهدید و توبیخ و زجر و تبعید متردد و متزلزل نگردند بلکه ملول و افسرده نشوند..."]

[2] [The authorized translation of this text is not available in English. The original text is as follows:

 "ای عزیزان من محزون مشوید افسرده مگردید خاموش منشینید و خود را پریشان و مأیوس مکنید من با شما هستم و شما را در حصن رعایت و کنف حمایتم گرفته در هر آنی تائید و توفیقی جدید نمایم. وفا بامر بهاء نمائید و تا نفس اخیر مانند این عبد در خدمت امرالله و عبودیت آستانش بکوشید و جانفشانی نمائید و از یکدیگر سبفت گیرید... پس بکوشید و همّت موفور از نو مبذول دارید من با شما هستم و در ساحت کبریاء در محضر حضرت اعلی و جمال ابهی بشدید‌القوی تائیدتان نمایم و دلالت کنم کل متفقا متحدا قیام نمائید تا باین مقام بلند اعلی رسید و الّا مرا دیگر نبینید و بفوز لقا در عالم بالا فائز نشوید اینست ای احبای عبدالبهاء سبب سرور و فرح روح من در ملکوت ابهی"]

[3] [The authorized translation of this text is not available in English. The original text is as follows:

"پس اگر چنانچه تلاطم دریای بلاء ازدیاد یابد و طوفان محن و رزایا از شش جهت آن جمعیت مظلوم را احاطه نماید بحق‌الیقین بدانید و آنی متردد نمانید که میعاد نجات و میقات جلوه موعوده دیرینه نزدیک گشته و وسائل اخیره فوز و فلاح بنصرت عظمی از برای ملت ستمدیده بهاء در آن کشور مهیا و فراهم شده قدم ثابت لازم و عزم راسخ واجب تا این مراحل باقیه طی گردد و مقصود و آمال اهل بهاء در اعلی‌المقامات پدیدار گردد و جلوه حیرت انگیز نماید هذا سنةالله و لن تجد لسنةالله تبدیلا."]