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[Personal information has been redacted.]


12 Azar 1318 [4 December 1939]


The Respected Members of Cabinet of [the Government of] Iran

Respectfully I bring to your enlightened attention that this humble person, Nasrollah Shahrezaie- Najafabadi, birth certificate number [redacted], issued by the [Birth] Registration Office of [redacted],  got married during the year 1316 [1937/1938]. As I am a Baha’i, the Notary Public Office did not register the deed of the marriage.  I contacted the Registry of Marriages; they responded that as [I am] a Baha’i, [they] could not register our marriage. Therefore, I sent a copy of the deed with a letter to the Marriage Registry Office of Isfahan; there was no answer. I sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice and one to the Bureau of Statistics; again no response. A few days ago, I received a summons from the Department of Justice of Isfahan, and I was jailed for three days and then released. Now, again, I have received another summons. What was my crime or offence except being a Baha’i and, according to the country’s law, reporting my marriage to the relevant authorities? What have I done that, with no offence, they have harassed me and caused me losses?  I request from that enlightened council to pay attention and remove these difficulties from this humble, innocent person.


Well-wisher, Nasrollah Shahrezaie-Najafabadi