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Ministry of the Interior

The Governorate of Kashan and Natanz

Copy of Mr. Molla Habibollah’s letter


Yours truly informs you that, last night, the eleventh night of Muharram, it was announced on behalf of His Grace, the Ayatollah, that all the tekiyehs [commemorative gatherings] must be closed and no preacher has the right to chant threnody. Considering this, all the takayas (plural of tekiyeh) were closed last night and special messages in this regard have gone to the government and others, on behalf of the ayatollah. Please send some words in your own writing.

Copy is identical to the original




[Handwritten note on top of the page:]

“We deny all these allegations. Also, I have not ordered that takayas to be closed. I have referred all to the respected government and [illegible]. (Oh Beloved of the hearts of the enlightened ones)