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[Personal information has been redacted.]


26 Aban 1318 [18 November 1939]


To the respectable members of the Cabinet

Respectfully, I, Mohammad Jarchi, holder of birth certificate number [redacted], issued by the Registry Office of [redacted], bring to the attention of your illumined Cabinet that, during the year 1316 [1937/1938] I decided to get married and as we both were Baha’is we married according to the ordinances of our religion. After that we took the deed of marriage to the Marriage Registration Office. They did not register it. Therefore, I contacted the General Registry Office of Najafabad with a letter and a copy of the deed. I was not honoured with a response. Then I sent a copy of my deed with a letter to the General Registry Office of Isfahan and there was no answer either. I sent a letter to the Head of the Bureau of Statistics and again no response. Then I sent a letter to the Ministry of Justice but I was not honoured with a response. Since that time, every few days I receive notices from the Department of Justice of Isfahan and they call me to go there, which stops me from living my life. The fact is that I am innocent and have done no crime except doing my duty [to report my marriage] according to the requirements of my religion. That is the reason for which I am under so much pressure and trouble. I request your noble Cabinet to pay attention to my situation and attend to my plea.


Mohammad Jarchi [signature]