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His Holiness, the Great Leader of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, May His Blessing Continue,

With utmost respect and courtesy, we would like to inform you that we, the undersigned of this letter, are Baha’i residents of Sangsar, who have been working with utmost honesty in our businesses. We absolutely believe in His Holiness, the Seal of the Prophets; peace be upon Him and all the Holy Imams. Based on our explicit teachings, we are not affiliated with any political groups in any form or shape, and this is a fact attested to by all; an obvious example of that was the lack of affiliation of the Baha’is with the defunct Rastakhiz Party.  

With the Grace of God, we do our best and strive in all matters related to welfare, production and charitable affairs. We consider performing our national, patriotic and humanitarian responsibilities as a religious and moral duty and take actions to seek the divine confirmation.

We wholeheartedly accepted the national and sacred revolution of Iran, which took place under your great leadership, marking the victory of truth over falsehood. While fully obeying and supporting the government of the revolution, we share in serving, like other compatriots. But opportunistic and counter-revolutionary people, who have always tried to divert the path of revolution, incite the religious groups against the religious minorities in order to create chaos.

Unfortunately, such individuals have caused severe persecution of the Sangsar Baha’is. They have burned our homes and have recently demolished and vandalized the place called Haziratu’l-Quds [Baha’i Centre] and have sold all its furnishings. The Islamic Revolution Committee in Sangsar has not taken any action to prevent such encroachments and transgressions.

Since protecting the lawful individual and social freedom is a fundamental characteristic and aim of the Islamic Revolution, as Your Holiness has mentioned numerous times in your statements and speeches, and you have recommended observing the rights of all Iranians, including Muslims and minorities, we humbly request that Great Leader to order the prevention of such encroachments and transgressions of the indispensable rights of the Sangsar Baha’is, so that we may truly serve our people and the government under the banner of a just Islamic Republic and government, like any other stratum of the nation.   

Offering our supreme respect,

[Name and signature]

Mohammad Asgari Taef [signature]

Kouchak Azami [signature]

[Name and signature] [illegible]

To be recorded – 19 Farvardin 1358 [8 April 1979]