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Dated 19 Esfand 1358 [9 March 1980]


His Holiness Ayatollah Mousavi-Ardabili, the Respected Public Prosecutor of the Islamic Republic of Iran

I would respectfully convey the following. I am Mohammad-Ali Movahhed-Khalilabad, a technical non-military [employee] of the Etteka - Mechanized Bread Production and have been working in this department since 1349. Throughout my service, I have carried out my tasks with the utmost honesty and enthusiasm. However, the current persons in charge of the factory—who must have considerations for the fear of God and honesty, and as their primary duty, follow the guidance and advice of His Holiness, Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini and follow the ordinances of the sacred Quran—have, contrary to all the religious and legal standards, dismissed me from my job because I am a Baha’i. [They] have stopped the payment of my meagre salary and have seized my insurance and food ration documents, and thereby have brought the lives of my wife, children and elderly mother to the point of obliteration and total destruction.

How can we meet our daily expenditures and our rent, [after they have] cut the salary of a family which, due to having a low income, does not have any savings? This is a household whose breadwinner has become disabled and weak because of constant and harsh labour in the factory and is in no way able to take on another occupation in the absence of material means. How can those people who pay lip service to the conditions of the downtrodden masses and claim to be taking action to ensure the means of their comfort and prosperity, bring themselves to dismiss a person who is extremely poor and destroy the life of his family by cutting off his salary? I believe in the Oneness of the Almighty God and the Prophethood of His Highness, the Seal of the Messengers, peace be upon Him, and recognize the pure Imams as His rightful representatives. In my place of work, I have never done any teaching of my Faith. Why should I be afflicted with such a situation and destiny?

Thus far, no matter what authority and person of status in the military I have met with and written to, I have received no response. Therefore, I now turn to Your Highness so that you might issue the appropriate guidelines for the life and income of my family. My hungry family is homeless, and I extend my hands toward you. If it is in the interest of the country, then kill all of the members of my family, if necessary, so that they may be rid of this world. I can no longer bear to see their hunger and affliction. I know that you are a Muslim and a believer and recognize that God is a witness to the actions of individuals, and you will not rest easy with the fact that a family is being cut off from life and completely annihilated; that you will, through investigation and carrying out justice in the government of Islamic justice, arrange for me to return to my previous job, [so that my family will be indebted to you for] your bounties.


With expressions of respect

Mohammad-Ali Movahhed-Khalilabad



[Handwritten note on the bottom of the page]

A similar complaint has been sent to the Executive Managing Committee of the Etteka Department.