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14 Aban 1318 [6 November 1939]


The Respected Members of Cabinet

Respectfully, I, Mohammad-Ali Ettehadi have been prosecuted by the Department of Justice and the Governor General of Yazd. My offence is that I married according to the ordinances of my religion and have not registered it. According to Baha’i beliefs, hiding your religion and lying and deliberately introducing yourself as Muslim, Jewish, Zoroastrian or Christian is forbidden. According to my religion, being killed is better than lying, and the biggest shame is lying to the government and covering the truth. For this reason, when I married on 24 Esfand 1316 [15 March 1938] it was according to my beliefs. I sent reports by registered post to the highest government authorities such as the Ministry of Justice, the Office of Census and Personal Status and the Bureau of Statistics. If a person does not lie, is he guilty? The actions of the Baha’is anywhere and on any subjects show their truthfulness and honesty to the government and the nation of Iran; it is so now and will always be. I request from that great Council to stop attacks on my conscience and bestow freedom to my beliefs.


Respectfully - Mohammad-Ali Ettehadi


[Stamped: Received in the Head Office of the Cabinet]

Number: 10367

Date: 19 Aban 1318 [11 November 1939]