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In the Name of God

Ministry of Science, Research and Technology

Institute of Higher Education of Sanaie

(Non-governmental and non-profit)

Date:  [Illegible] 1386 [2007]

Number: 86-392-4

Enclosure: ----- 


Educational Measurement and Evaluation Organization

With an expression of greetings,

Respectfully, we convey that Martha Rezaie Tazangi, daughter of Saied, birth certificate number [redacted], has been studying for a bachelor’s degree in English translation at this institute for the last two terms.  Following a review of the files of those who indicated their religion in their application forms, and subsequent to an investigation, it was determined that the aforementioned individual belongs to the Baha’i Faith.  With due attention to the fact that your organization has indicated “answering questions on Islam” on the student card of the above-mentioned individual, and because our efforts to obtain the new circular on this issue through the Ministry of Science on 23 Farvardin 1386 [12 April 2007] were without result, we are referring the above-mentioned student to you for further action.  Kindly assist this institute in making the appropriate decision.

Thanking you in advance for your kind attention to this matter.


Head of the Institute

Mehdi Tahhanizadeh



Ministry of Science, Research and Technology