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Public number: 7-11

Private number: -----

Bin: -----

File: -----

[Imperial Emblem]

Ministry of Education, Foundations and Fine Arts

Department: Education

Unit: -----

Branch: -----

Draft type: -----

Draft subject: -----

Enclosures: -----

Clean copy drafter: -----

Date of clean copy: ----- Month: ----- Date recorded: 14, Month: Jadi [Dey] [4 January], Date drafted: 9 Month Jadi [Dey] [30 December], Date dispatched: month: [illegible] 1303 [1924]


Your Excellency Hojatoleslam [illegible]

In response to your honourable correspondence regarding the complaint of the Mazandaran seminary students and Kafshgar Kola school in Aliabad, the local education representative was ordered again to do the necessary training as soon as possible and report accordingly. Actions should be taken according to the regulations to eliminate the seditions which the seminary students have reported.