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Ministry of Justice

Office of General Ministerial Affairs


Type: 145

Date: 24 Mordad 1318 [16 August 1939]

Number: M- 8165

Attachment: Petition


His Honour, the, Prime Minister,

In response to letter number 5737, dated 16 Mordad 1318 [8 August 1939], with the attached petition of Legha Taherizadeh Malmiri—where her husband has been accused of having participated in a murder case and has been prosecuted and arrested—while returning the above-mentioned letter, I would convey that the truth of the matter is what I have indicated in letter number M- 6257, dated 15 Mordad 1318 [7 August 1939], and the husband of the complainant is among those who has been prosecuted on charges of killing Mohammad-Ali Fakhkhar and burning the body of the victim. The case is organized, and a bill of indictment against him has been sent to the Criminal Court of Tehran.

The Minister of Justice [Stamp] & [Signature]


[Handwritten number and date below the letter]


27 Mordad 1318 [19 August 1939]


[Handwritten note below the letter]

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