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Ministry of Justice

Office: Supervision

Number: 7806/N/12973

Date: 27 Mordad 1317 [18 August 1938]

Enclosure: -----


Office of the Prime Minister

In response to letter number 4724, 18 Tir 1317 [9 July 1938], it is conveyed that the murder of Mohammad-Ali occurred in Khordad of 1316 [May/June 1937] in Yazd. The relatives of the [victim] accused a number of individuals, such as Soltan Nik-Aien, who were prosecuted and imprisoned by the court of justice in Yazd. Subsequently, owing to division and religious conflict between Mohammad-Ali’s relatives and the accused, it was deemed appropriate to refer the investigation to Tehran’s jurisdiction. An inspector was dispatched to the locality, and after further investigations [that were] carried out at the court and by Tehran’s interrogator, the accused was released and four other people were found to be guilty, and the bill of indictment was presented to Tehran Criminal Court. However, as the criminal court has found deficiencies in the process of interrogation, and has given orders for completion of the investigation, the case has not yet been finalised and the inspector continues with his interrogations. Sufficient instructions have been given by the Ministry of Justice to ensure the correct procedures are followed.

Minister of Justice

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Receipt by the Office of the Prime Minister

Number: 6764

Dated: 30 Mordad 1317 [21 August 1938]


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2 Shahrivar 1317 [24 August 1938]