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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Book number: -----


Telegraph Department of the Eminent Government of Iran

Year: 130-----


From: Tehran to: Ardabil

Receipt number: 4013

Telegram number: 1

Quantity of words: 106

Original date: 22 Khordad 1306 [13 June 1927]

Descriptions: -----

Date received: 24 Khordad 1306 [15 June 1927]

Addressee: -----


To the threshold of His Honour Hujjatol-Eslam, Aqa Mirza Ali-Akbar Mujtahed – may your blessings be eternal.

The content of the telegram that Your Honour has sent through the revered Hujjatol-Eslam-val-Muslemin, Friday Imam Haj Khoi, may God continue his blessings to His Excellency the Prime Minister, about the appreciation shown for the Imperial Majesty’s kindnesses, was presented to His Majesty, causing His Majesty’s satisfaction about the gratitude and prayers offered by your distinguished self.

While conveying the special royal sympathies, I would like to inform you that the imperial aspirations, at all times, are and have been inclined towards the Islamic principles and the dissemination of Sharia teachings obeyed by order of the distinguished religious authorities.

1009 [Referring to the slain Aminol-Olama of Ardabili]. 


Minister of the Imperial Court