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To Imam Khomeini, the exalted supreme leader of the Islamic revolution of Iran (may your blessings continue),

The Baha’i community of Miandoab would like to cordially express its sympathy and condolences for the tragic and lamentable earthquake and the death of many of our compatriots in Khorasan, and to inform you that, since the Baha’i community of this city, as a result of arson, destruction and ransacking during the revolution, have lost all their possessions, some have completely lost all their livelihood, and, owing to their financial constraints, cannot afford to respond befittingly to the command of the leader [of the revolution] and fulfill their humanitarian and religious responsibility.  Nonetheless, in view of the qualitative importance of this act and the exigencies of obedience, a bank deposit slip for the amount of 50,000 rials [fifty thousand rials], which has been collected by the Baha’is of Miandoab and has been deposited into account number ----- [redacted], is presented as an attachment. [This is so] that, by this dewdrop contribution to the ocean of the generous contributions of our compatriots, we also may partake in this benevolent deed.

We hope that, God willing and with God’s grace, as our financial situation improves in the future, we will be able to participate alongside our fellow countrymen in more humanitarian and philanthropic deeds.

4 Azar 1358 [25 November 1979]



From the Baha’i community of Miandoab



Copy was sent to the Board of the City Council of Miandoab

Copy was sent for the information of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Iran