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In the Name of God

Date 21 Shahrivar 1387 [11 September 2008]


Honourable Chairman of the State Expediency Council of Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani

Greetings to you and welcome to the Yazd city of worship

Respectfully, I, Mehrdad Bandi, brother to Mr. Mehran Bandi, hereby submit:

Please consider the fact that Mehran, son of Amanollah, resident of Yazd, has been held by the Yazd Intelligence Office since 9 Khordad 1387 [27 May 2008], and recently, on (7 Shahrivar 1387 [30 August 2008]), he was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison, three years in exile in the City of Babak, and his business licence was revoked by Branch 1 of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Yazd, apparently on charges of acting against the regime, while he has no other intentions except the goodness of the nation, the government, the country and to be of service to dear Iran. In our opinion, these allegations are due to religious fanaticism and discrimination, because he is a Baha’i. And given the fact that he has a history of heart problems, he was being kept in temporary detention and recently transferred to the CCU under the care of the physician. For this reason, imprisonment and nerve pressure are very dangerous for him. On the other hand, we presume that the good intentions of Baha’is and their well-wishing have been proved to the respected authorities of the Islamic Republic.

Therefore, we request that esteemed authority to take any necessary action regarding this case, which is to be re-examined in the Court of Appeal of Yazd Province in the coming days.

Thank you for your attention



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