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In the Name of God



The Police Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran


Number 3561/09/204/09/11/18

Date: 26 Khordad 1394 [16 June 2015]

Classification:  Confidential


From:  Investigating Office of the Police Force of Mazandaran Province – [Office of] Public Supervision 197

To:  Distinguished director of the [Provincial] PAVA[1]

Subject:  Report of Mr. Kamaloddin Akbari


Greetings [Peace be upon you],

[We] respectfully convey that the above-mentioned individual has met, in person, the deputy director of the police force of Mazandaran Province on 26  Khordad 1394 [16 June 2015], and that an exact report, and the order issued, will be submitted.

Hence, I request you to order the necessary follow-up actions and submit the results of your actions to this Office of Public Supervision 197.


The Chief Investigator F.A.A. Mazandaran

Colonel Zaydollah Kazemi

On behalf of:  The Major Mohammad-Reza Karim-pour [signature]

[Corner of the letter] Orders: -----


[1] [Acronym: The Public Intelligence and National Security Force]