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Date: 3 Azar 1359 [24 November 1980]

Number: 19848

Enclosure: -----


In the Name of God


The Islamic Republic of Iran

Tehran Municipality


Central Construction Jihad [Crusade]

The Baha’i cemetery, known as Golestan-e-Javid [Eternal Garden], which is located on the route to Khavaran Street (Mesgarabad), is not only severely contested by the local residents but also should not be within the boundaries of a city, based on the principles of health and safety. Consequently, an immediate eviction notice has been given to the cemetery officials and they have been told to consider another location outside the city boundaries to bury their deceased. For this reason, the board of directors of Golestan-e-Javid has moved forward to purchase a property in the Village of Kabirabad, on the road towards Qom, to establish a cemetery. Based on the reports received, the property has been confiscated by that Office. Therefore, considering the issue at hand and the views of the Islamic Revolutionary Committee of Imam Khomeini in the Imam Hasan Askari Mosque Region, dated 25 Shahrivar 1358 [16 September 1979], as well as the views of the Office of the Public Prosecutor in its letter of 31 Shahrivar 1359 [22 September 1980], copies of which are enclosed, the creation of a private cemetery for the Baha’is in Kabirabad region is deemed necessary and recommended. Please issue instructions to the Golestan-e-Javid officials for immediate action to provide a property in order to implement the views of the public prosecutor and to secure the welfare of the residents of Khavaran region, as well as to facilitate the burial of Baha’i deceased, and notify the municipality of the results.


Khosro Mansourian

Deputy Mayor of Tehran



CC: Behesht-e-Zahra Organization