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In the Name of God


10 Aban 1387 [31 October 2008]

The Honourable President of the Non-profit University of Kerman, the Esteemed Dr. Dastanpour,

I would like to respectfully inform you that I am Mahnoush Dehghan, daughter of Farshid, born on 11 Tir [1 July] of [redacted], holder of I.D. number [redacted], issued in [redacted]. I am an undergraduate student in the field of civil engineering; I started my university studies in Mehr 1385 [October 2006]. On 30 Shahrivar 1387 [20 September 2008], I selected my courses and registered for my fifth semester [at the university]. On 7 Mehr 1387 [28 September 2008], I officially started my fifth term of study; I continued my studies and regularly attended the courses.

On 6 Aban 1387 [27 October 2008], the University Education [Office] informed me that the Assessment Organization had sent a notice to the university, stating that I would not be able to attend the classes due to my religion, that I am forbidden to continue my education and should come to you for more coordination. After I met and spoke with you, you ordered me to go to the Assessment Organization in Tehran and get a confirmation from that organization in order to continue my studies. However, when I referred to the Assessment Organization, they informed me that they were unaware [of this decision] and announced that they had no involvement in this matter, and that I should bring them a letter from the president of my university so that they could deal with my problem administratively. For this reason, no confirmation [certificate/letter] was given to me by the Assessment Organization. The relevant organization told me to go back to my university in Kerman and solve this problem with the president of the university; otherwise, I should file the necessary complaints with the relevant legal authorities so that they could solve my problem.

Now, considering Article 3 of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its paragraphs 3 and 9, and Articles 14,19,20 and 23, and finally 30, I am requesting that you attend to my problem as soon as possible and issue orders for my enrollment at the university and the continuation of my studies.


With appreciation,

Mahnoush Dehghan