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In the Name of God


Number: 1

Date: 9 Dey 1364 [30 December 1985]


From: Mahmoud Jalili     To: Mrs. Azizeh Jalili

  1. Following warm greetings, I hope you are all healthy and successful.
  2. Thank God I am doing well and I live in a pleasant environment.
  3. In my room there are fifteen more of our friends.
  4. The room is relatively large, with sunlight, very clean, with a window and heater.
  5. You and other beloved family members and relatives are always in my mind and I pray for your health to the Almighty God.
  6. Please give my regards to all family members and relatives.
  7. I visit family members once a week.
  8. The food here is clean, healthy, delicious and plentiful.
  9. We purchase necessary items from the prison store with low prices.
  10. The prison guards’ behaviours are totally Islamic and humane; they are very polite and disciplined.
  11. I await your letter and news of your good health and success.
  12. In closing, I wish for your health and happiness and leave all of you under the protection of God.

From: Mashhad, Post Office Box 1734, Postal code: 91375 – Central Penitentiary of Mashhad - Ward 5/2    

(Reply to be written on the back of this paper)


Reviewed – May be sent – Correspondence Officer]