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[Date]: 7/1/1358 [27 March 1979]


While beseeching the confirmations of God!


To the esteemed and beloved Prime Minister of Iran, we present our best wishes for the New Year, congratulate your honour on your appointment, and request your consideration of the following points.


The Baha’i community, the declaration of which happened 135 years ago, has confirmed and perpetuated its resilience and existence by giving more than 20,000 martyrs across the dear land of Iran.


The Baha’i Faith is the only religion among those with a divine Book that recognizes the prophethood of His Holiness Mohammad Mostafa, the Great Messenger (peace be upon Him) and the Guardianship of Ali Ibn Abi Taleb and his eleven offspring.  Based on our clear religious teachings, we are obligated to sincerely and honestly obey the government of the time in our country, and completely refrain from interference in political affairs.  We are not connected to any party or internal or external political entities opposed to our nation.


In the past, we have been the target of various atrocities, discrimination and injury to our life and property. Unfortunately, in some newspapers, mass media, and newsletters, various false accusations and slanders have been laid upon this community that have triggered the sentiments of the opposition and are threatening the unity of the Iranian community.  With confidence in the government and the regime of Islamic justice at the dawn of its beginning, we look forward to decisions and arrangements that would avert and alleviate these attacks and dangers; so that [the Baha’i] people, who comprise the largest religious minority in Iran, will be able to sincerely and enthusiastically continue our service to humanity and attain equality of rights with other members of this country.


This community truly does not consider any protector or refuge for itself after the one God, except for the authorities in charge.


In view of the national unity and unity of goal, which are the visions of the esteemed leader, his Excellency Grand Ayatollah Imam Khomeini, and the government authorities, we hope to attain equal rights, in all aspects, with other people in the country.



The Local Spiritual Assembly of Bagheyn


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