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Spiritual Assembly of Tehran

Number: 1509

Attachment: ---


Date: 19 Baha, Year 84

19 Farvardin 1306 [9 April 1927]


His Eminence, the Honourable Prime Minister, may your excellence be perpetual,

With utmost respect and reverence, the contents of a report received from Ardabil are submitted to the presence of Your Honour. You are requested to cast a merciful look into its contents and thus relieve a handful of the oppressed well-wishers and good-intentioned devotees of the government from the claws of the blood-thirsty wolves, and, by issuing a strict and urgent order, prevent the transgressions of the stirrers of sedition and punish the murderer of Mr. Aminol-Olama Ardabili.

In conclusion, I would earnestly convey my regards.

Secretary of the Assembly

Ali-Akbar Rouhani



[Stamp of registry at the Office of the Council of Ministers]

Date: 4 Khordad 1306 [26 May 1927]

Number: 1515