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Islamic Republic of Iran

Ministry of Agriculture Jihad

Department of Land Affairs

Land Management of Mazandaran Province


In the Name of God

Number: 17/9/5374

Date: 19 Shahrivar 1380 [10 September 2001]

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The Honourable Commander of Poshtkuh Police Station

With greetings,

I wish to inform you regarding communication number 8889/205/53/8180, dated 28 Mordad 1380 [19 August 2001], about the transfer of agricultural lands to the people of Ivel in 1362 [1983/1984], that, according to the approved law of 8 Aban 1365 [30 October 1986], lands that have been occupied by non-owners in any form, before the year 1359 [1980/1981], in the implementation of the temporary cultivation law, the law was reviewed and enforced.  Therefore, due to non-compliance with the date of occupation, the above-mentioned village was not subject to the law of temporary cultivation. For this reason, this Management declares its non-interference in the transfer of lands to the mentioned residents. B-6/19


The Land Management of Mazandaran Province

[Signature on the stamp]