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[Personal information has been redacted.]


9 Aban 1318 [1 November 1939]

Esteemed Cabinet Ministers,

Respectfully, I wish to convey the following.  I, Kaykhosrow Sefidvash, with birth certificate number [redacted], resident of [redacted], consider obedience to the government as my ethical duty; I have been at the forefront of service to the government and the military service and have discharged my duties. I got married on 6 Ordibehesht 1316 [26 April 1937] according to the laws of marriage that are based on my religious beliefs. But because there is no specific office assigned [to register the marriage] for this group and the government has not provided any solutions, I went to the notary public office, but they refused to record [my marriage]. I was then compelled to send a complaint by registered mail to the Ministry of Justice and the National Notary Public Office and inform them of my marriage.

Despite this, I have been prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor of Yazd and he has sentenced me to one month in prison. However, I believe that the law has not asked anything more than this of the people,  as it has obligated the people to obey the law and has also obligated the executors of the law to carry out their duties. In view of the fact that,

  1. First, my marriage took place prior to 1317 and based on the revised Law of Marriage, I am in no way subject to prosecution.
  2. Second, according to Article 1 of the Law of Marriage, my duty has been to inform the Notary Public Office and register [my marriage]. Should they refuse their duties, it will not be my responsibility.
  3. Third, the belief, religion and marriage that Mr. Public Prosecutor considers to be void, in accordance with the laws of logic, could not be assigned any restriction or punishment as it has been considered a non-existent phenomenon.
  4. Fourth, the laws that have been passed in the country consider all Iranian individuals to have equal rights in relation to them and have not discriminated among the individuals or classes. Rather, all people of Iran—with no discrimination or difference—have the right to benefit from them.

Therefore, in the name of humanity and fair judgement I request the respected ministers, who are the source of hope for Iran and every Iranian, to clear me of all charges.

Kaykhosrow Sefidvash [Signature]

Address: [redacted] Kaykhosrow Sefidvash

[Stamp at the bottom of the letter:] Received by the Office of the Cabinet Ministers]

Number: 10414

Date: 22 Aban 1318 [14 November 1939]