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[Personal information has been redacted.]


Date: 9/9/1318 [1 December 1939]


The respected members of the Cabinet of the sacred country of Iran. May God make firm its foundation


I respectfully bring to your attention that I, Kaykhosrow, son of Rostam Hedayati, holding birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted], married Gawhar Behmard, birth certificate number [redacted], issued in [redacted], during Khordad 1314 [May/June 1935], according to the ordinances of my religion, which is Baha’i. Later, I contacted the Office of Registration of Deeds of Yazd to register the deed of the marriage. The mentioned office refused to register the deed. Therefore, to [carry out] my responsibility, I reported it to the relevant authorities. Lately, I have been investigated by the Department of Justice of Yazd. The reason [is] that I did not register the deed. So far, they have sent me two summonses and have caused problems for me. I earnestly request arrangement to be made for the deed to be registered so that I will not be prosecuted, as I have not committed anything against the provisions and laws of the country.


With greatest respect – Kaykhosrow- Rostam Hedayati [signature]


Adresse - [redacted]


[Stamped: Received in the Office of the Prime Minister]

Number: 11609

Date: 18/9/1318 [10 December 1939]