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[Personal information has been redacted.]



Isfahan Polytechnic University

General Affairs Educational Office

Postal code: 84156 Isfahan

Telephone: 3916456

Fax: 391431


In the Name of God


Date: 6 Azar 1390 [27 November 2011]

Number: 324/90/44928


From: University Academic Services

To: Mr. Bashir Tashakkor [redacted]

Student of electrical engineering––specialty is undecided (day student)

Further to our writ of notification number 324/90/27164, dated 10 Mehr 1390 [2 October 2011], you are hereby informed that you have not appeared at the university to enroll or select your courses from the beginning of the first semester of the academic year 1390-1391 [2011/2012] up to now and have not notified the university academic services of your circumstances; therefore, based on Article 35 of the Charter of Academic Guidelines, you are now considered as “withdrawn from education” and thus have no right to continue your education. 

You are asked to come to the university as soon as possible in order to settle the financial matters.

Article 35: Abandoning university studies without obtaining appropriate permission from the university is considered “withdrawal from education.” Students who abandon their studies have no right to continue their education.

Mojgan Zarghami

Director of the University Academic Services


[Official Stamp]


Address: Isfahan [redacted]

Telephone: [redacted]


Copied to:

  1. Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering;
  2. Director of Office of Graduation;
  3. Office of the Affairs of Dormitories;
  4. University Students’ Welfare Office;
  5. Current Archives Office.