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Ministry of the Interior

Gendarmerie [Police] Headquarters

The Office of Personnel, Security Department, Branch Number 5

No: 8079/Z5 – 17

Date: 20 Mordad 1341 [11 Aug 1962]

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To: Ministry of the Interior

Respectfully, with reference to our past letter number 5781/1 SH, dated 10 Mordad 1341 [1 August 1962] regarding the activities of the Baha’i sect in the Village of Eskandari, it is hereby reported that:

According to the Gendarmerie regiment of Isfahan, a number of the residents of the above-mentioned village have complained that two Baha’i women, one by the name of Hamdam Sobhaniyan, and the other one, who pretends to be a teacher, but is, in reality, a teacher of the Baha’i sect, moved during the holy month of Ramadan to the Village of Eskandari. With the formation of an assembly, they have openly started their propaganda, causing commotion and unrest among the villagers, and in some cases, have offended and criticized the holy religion of Islam.

Mrs. Sobhaniyan was summoned for interrogation. She claimed that the assembly of Isfahan had sent her over as a teacher of the Baha’i children of Eskandari upon the request and invitation of some of the Baha’is of the village, and her salary is paid by the assembly of Isfahan.

Following further investigations, it was discovered that after the arrival of Mrs. Sobhaniyan and her mother, the Baha’i propaganda had spread considerably; besides that, a local assembly has been formed, which has stirred the anger of the local people and the public is very upset about the Baha’i propaganda.

This bureau has tried to calm the people down, and has assured them of the legal actions of the government. Also the governorate office of the Tenth Province and the intelligence bureau [SAVAK] have been informed of the situation, that they may take appropriate actions. Also, the regiment of Daran Gendarmerie has been instructed to stay alert for maintaining order, in case of any conflict between the parties.

On behalf of the Commander of National Gendarmerie Headquarters

General Moezzi [signature]

[Stamped by the Office of the Ministry of the Interior]

Number: 7137

Date: 24 Mordad 1341 [15 August 1962]

[Stamp:] It was Indexed – 23 Mordad [14 August]

[Handwritten note on top of the page]: The Political Office – 22 Mordad 1341 [13 August 1962]