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25 Shahrivar [illegible] [16 September]



Esteemed Minister of Interior, Mr. Zahedi,

Some time ago, in regard to the persecutions and hardships created for the Baha’is who reside in Kermanshah and its surroundings, a representative of this Assembly conveyed to that esteemed minister our pleas to resolve such difficulties, and pointed out that the resident Baha’is of Kermanshah, who must be actively protected by law from every violation and oppression, have unfortunately been suffering hardship and adversity. Despite our expectations that by issuing strict orders, the existing persecutions in Kermanshah would cease, we have observed that not only was action not taken to resolve them, but their severity and intensity increased day by day.

We convey the circumstances and appeal that the Baha’is of Kermanshah, who are citizens of this country and have the same obligations as other compatriots in regard to paying tax, accomplishment of military service, etc., also be given their additional legal privileges.

With utmost impatience we await the issuance of strict orders from that esteemed authority.


Chairman [Signature]

Secretary [Signature]