[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]




Date: 25/8/1318 [17 November 1939]


To the Respected Cabinet, May its glory continue,


With respect I want to bring to your attention that I, Hosain Eghterafipour-Najafabadi, birth certificate number [redacted], wanted to get married last year.  I went to the Notary Public’s Office but they did not marry us. Therefore, we married in accordance with my religious beliefs and I took the marriage deed to the respectable Registry Office in Najafabad but they did not register it either. Immediately I sent a copy of the deed with an explanation to the respectable Registry Office in Isfahan and letters to the Ministry of Justice and the Main Census and Personal Status Registry Office. I did not receive any response.  Now, for some time, the Department of Justice has repeatedly been causing me trouble and loss. I have done nothing wrong and have only told the truth and acted in accordance with to my beliefs.

I request that orders be given not to bother me anymore as it is causing distress and loss to this humble person.


Humbly, Hosein Eghterafipour-Najafabadi- Isfahani


[Note in the margin on the right side of the letter:]

Mr Shirkhani to attach the background information and file it.

4/9/1318-[26 November 1939]