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23 Shahrivar 1358 [14 September 1979]


The Esteemed Nawnahalan Company

In reference to the notice printed on page 9 of the Kayhan Newspaper, issue number 10804, dated Tuesday, 20 Shahrivar 1358 [11 September 1979] regarding payment of up to 100,000 rials to each trust fund holder who presents documents between 24 and 29 Shahrivar [15 and 20 September], I respectfully [submit]:

  1. If you review the company’s correspondence with its clients, which amounts to over sixty archives as well as the records [and] books where names of trust fund holders are kept, you will realize that a huge number of these people are residents of cities within this country and other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Even if they subscribe to the Kayhan Newspaper, the 20 Shahrivar [11 September] issue will not reach them before a month from now, for them to become aware of this notice. Of course, you will take necessary steps to inform those who are hundreds of kilometres away from Tehran within Iran, or thousands of kilometres away outside Iran, in order for justice to be served and no one’s rights to be infringed upon.    
  2. You did not mention anything regarding those who hold chequing accounts of temporary credits in the company.
  3. The notice mentioned “those who show proper documents to prove their true need”. What kind of document is meant? A doctor’s prescription; children’s school or university registration expenses; need for urgent travel for family affairs, or tens of other personal matters? Would it not have been better if you had provided more explanations for better comprehensive guidelines for the clients to prepare documents?
  4. If you allow any actions regarding all term deposits which have been registered in the name of the company for many years at the Darvazeh Dowlat branch of the Bazargani [Merchant] Bank, and the Markazi [central] branch of the Iranian Bank on Takht-e-Jamshid Tehran, plus the other several millions of tomans which the debtors have paid within the last seven months to the company’s current accounts in other branches―such as allowing withdrawal or transactions between the holders of the trust funds and holders of current accounts and other creditors, or dividing the funds and payments―that would resolve the financial problems of a huge number of people, who have been struggling with many problems. Certainly they would all be grateful for your actions.

With apologies for the lengthy letter,

Hosein Khodadoust