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[Date:] 30 Azar 1360 [21 December 1981]


In the Name of God, the Generous, the Merciful


The Honourable Islamic Council of Agriculture of the City of Gonbad-e Kavous and the Suburbs,

Further to the letter dated 18 Azar 1360 [9 December 1981], I would like to respectfully bring to your esteemed members’ attention that, as has been fully described in the above-mentioned letter, I, Hosein-Ali Sabeti Doughabadi, have been farming in the farming lands of Hemmat-Abad of the Sistanis—the former Najm Organization— for 29 years with my family, ever since these lands were marshlands and swamps. I have worked hard to convert them into their current fertile conditions.

My wife and my child have lost their health in the path of improving these lands, and have become ill and crippled. Everybody [who lives] around here testifies to the truth of my words. A copy of the affidavit signed by my witnesses is attached here to prove the truth of my words [about] what troubles I have endured.

Although faithfulness and obedience to the government, and striving for the progress of our beloved country of Iran, is one of my duties and the duty of others like me, and even though I believe in the Almighty God and His oneness and believe in the truth of the divine Messengers, such as His Holiness Mohammad (peace be upon Him) and the Divine Books, especially the Holy Quran, as well as the nation of Iran, I do not know for what reason I have not been [given] land.

I plead for an investigation and resolution of this matter.



Hosein-Ali Sabeti Doughabadi