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Tarbiyat School of Tehran

Establishment 1317

Number: ------


Tehran, Dated: 18 Sonboleh [Shahrivar] [illegible] 1303 [9 September 1924]

Esteemed Head of Women’s Education,

Respectfully, we convey the following.  Last Sunday, three ninth-grade students of Tarbiyat School for Girls who wish to become teachers presented themselves at the hour you had determined at your office. They waited for a long time, but you did not arrive. They await further information from you.

Also, we have heard that special textbooks have been selected by the Ministry of Education to be used for teaching various grades at schools. If so, we request that you order these to be sent to us as soon as possible, so that the work of our students will not be delayed. In addition, we inform you that the Tarbiyat School for Girls was inaugurated today.

We express our respect.

Head of Tabiyat School for Girls



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