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Trabiat School for girls


Dated: 4 Aqrab 1303 [4 Aban 1303] [26 October 1924]


Your Honour, Mr. Haj Mirza Reza Khan, may your exalted fortune be everlasting

First, I would like to apologize profusely for having replied on the back of the envelope.  This was because at the time the school was over, the office door was closed, and I did not have access to pen and paper. I trust you will accept my apology. Second, regarding the memo that was written at the school, I assure Your Honour with certainty that the signature does not belong to anyone at our school. At any rate, I am very grateful that you have sent it again. Regarding the bylaws that you had requested, since the [copies of] the bylaws of the school are finished and are being published, they are going to be sent to us tomorrow. I will get [a copy] and will send it to you.


Assistant School Principal