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Ministry of Education, Endowments and Fine Arts

Number: -----

Office Registration: 6567

Office: -----

Copy: Sent by the Education Department of Kashan and Natanz

Date: 6 Hut Year of Monkey 1299 [6 Esfand 1299] [25 February 1921]

Number: 178

Sample: 13


The Honourable Ministry of Education and Endowment

It has now been a few years since the Baha’is founded and began maintaining a school called Vahdat-e- Bashar in Kashan. From the time of the arrival of yours truly in Kashan, and at the meetings with the clergy and the informed scholars, there have been talks of the dissolution and closure of the school which I was avoiding and procrastinating about. Later, I entered some exciting conversations and seriously communicated with the department and the esteemed government, and the government entered into consultation with me. It was decided that the [school’s] licence and ministerial approval would be requested from the school principal. Should [they] present it, the headquarters’ instructions must be sought; otherwise they will close the school. [Now] it has been three days and they have not provided any licence, though the Vahdat-e-Bashar School’s committee has requested the esteemed government and the head of [illegible] the gendarmerie, for a few days’ extension of deadline for submitting the required documents. One week was granted. To prevent the excitement and unrest in the town and following the directives of the government, I have requested Your Honour’s instructions by telegram. The esteemed government has taken it [the telegram] and is now responsible for its transmission. I am now attaching the copy of the letter from the clergy and plead that an urgent decision to be taken so that no sedition, corruption, excitement and agitation will appear in the city.

Place of stamp and signature: Head of Kashan Education Department

Copy is identical to original