[Translator’s notes appear in square brackets]

[Personal information has been redacted.]




Date: 15/8/1318-[7 November 1939]


To the respectable Cabinet,


Respectfully I bring to your attention: I, Hasan Forghani, holder of birth certificate number [redacted] issued by [redacted] District, on the date of 1/2/1318-[22 April 1939] married with Hajieh Khanum Pashoutan, birth certificate number [redacted] from [redacted] and in accordance with the laws of the country I sent a report of my [marriage] to the Marriage Registry Office but because I am a Baha’i, they did not register my deed [of marriage]. After that I wrote three letters to the Capital: one to the respectable Ministry of Justice, one to the Registry Office, and one to the Office of Census and Personal Status, explaining that I had [a Baha’i] wedding asking for advice [as to how to have the marriage registered]. Instead of helping me they sent me a Summons from the Department of Justice of Isfahan asking me why I had such a marriage. I request a solution for my situation so my difficulties can be resolved.


[Hasan Forghani – signature]


[At the end of the page stamp of receipt at the Office of the Prime Minister]

Received at the Head Office of the Prime Minister

Number 10341

19/8/1318- [11 November 1939]