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Date: 31 Shahrivar 1326 [23 September 1947]

Number: 726

Attachment: -----



Ministry of the Interior

Governorate General of the Second Province

Confidential and Direct


Head of the Office of the Prime Minister,

Further to communication number 664 – 4 of 4 Shahrivar 1326 [27 August 1947] regarding the activities of the adventurous elements, I would inform you herewith that:

The governorate general is already cognisant of this matter and has mentioned it in its communication number 514 of 4 Mordad 1326 [27 July 1947]. The individuals referred to are those same persons who, due to the dissolution of local laws of main courts, or as a result of the amnesty, have been freed. Therefore, by referring to the aforementioned letter, it is requested that you take an urgent decision in this regard and disseminate it.

On behalf of the Governor General of the Second Province




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Background, 5 Mehr 1326 [28 September 1947]



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5 Mehr [28 September]