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General number: 7936- M.A

Private number: 19241 – 23 Aban [15 November]

Ledger: ---

File: ---



Ministry of the Interior

Department: ---

Office: --- Branch: ---


Type of draft: ---

Subject of the draft ---

Attachment: ---

Scribe: ---


Date of writing: 20 Aban 1330 [12 November 1951]

Date of registration: ---

Date of transcription: ---

Exit date: 23 Aban 1330 [15 November 1951]


Urgent, Confidential, Direct

Governorate General of the Tenth Province,

Referring to communication number 1224 - 5 Farvardin 1330 [26 March 1951], Seyyed Ahmad Sajjadian has written a report to His Holiness Ayatollah Haj Seyyed Abul-Ghasim Kashani, informing him that Mr. Abul-Ghasim Payandeh, the manager of Saba Newspaper flew by plane a few days ago to Isfahan, and from there he travelled to Najafabad. Secretly, with the assistance of his brother, who is the head of the office of the notary public, he lured the head of the police headquarters and the court, bribed some thugs and incited some simple-minded people of Isfahan, which has led to the strangling of a non-believer and injury to some other individuals; as a result of the incitements of the mentioned person, the situation of Najafabad is precarious and there is the probability of murder and looting. The editor of the aforementioned newspaper, after preparing the ground for uprising, has returned by plane to Tehran. Kindly have the statements of the aforementioned person thoroughly investigated and his circumstances reported to us quickly. 




20 Aban 1330 [12 November 1951]


Head of the Office


20 Aban 1331 [11 November 1952]


Minister of the Interior