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[Personal information has been redacted.]




26/8/1318 [18 November 1939]


Respected Members of Cabinet, may their glory continue


Respectfully, I, Gholam-Reza Eghterafipour, holder of birth certificate [redacted], according to the ordinances of my religion, which is the Baha’i Faith, married Robabeh Zare during 1316 [1937/ 1938]. I arranged for the deed of marriage to be drawn up according to information about the actual event, and took it to the Marriage Registration Office. The response was that because we were Baha’is, they could not register it. I took it to the Office of Registration of Deeds, but they did not register it either. I sent a copy to the Marriage Registry Office of Isfahan, but there was no response. I sent a copy of the deed and a letter about this matter to the Ministry of Justice and the head of the Bureau of Statistics. I did not receive a response. For some time, the Department of Justice of Isfahan has been calling me, which is causing me losses and troubles. I request that orders be given to relieve me of this difficulty, although they know that I have never committed any crimes except marrying according to my religion’s belief. I beg for justice.


[At the end of letter - stamp of receipt at the Office of the Prime Minister]

Number: 110048

Date: 6/9/1318 [28 November 1939]