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Date: 10 Dey 1360 [31 December 1981]

In the name of him who is the supreme ruler over all that hath been and all that is to be

To: Article 90 Committee [of the Islamic Consultative Assembly]

The Honourable Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly in the sacred country of Iran

Honourable Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, may his confirmations continue 

Cordially and with utmost sincerity and purity of motive, I would like to inform you that as one of the followers of the sacred Baha’i religion, I am submitting my plea for justice to your honourable authority. Since there are continuous false and unjust accusations ascribed to the Baha’is, I would like to mention a few points.

There are no leaders in the Baha’i Faith, and once a year all the adult Baha’is elect a group by their general, confidential and free votes, without electioneering [campaigning], from among all Baha’is of Iran. These elected individuals are in charge of the spiritual affairs of the Baha’i community of Iran. 

Baha’i individuals and communities do not participate in politics. They consider obedience to the government as one of their religious precepts. They cannot be Zionists or spies, because being Zionist or spying is contradictory to the teachings of the sacred Baha’i Faith.

Based on the above information, why and for what crime were the representatives of the Bahá’í community in the sacred nation of Iran executed, without announcement of the slightest information about the manner of their trials? Unfortunately, from the beginning of the Revolution to date, no response has been received to any of the pleas for justice that have been submitted. We have no recourse but to leave the affairs in the hands of God Almighty.

The Baha’i religion is an independent religion that attests to the truth of all the Prophets [of God]. It respects and honours the divine Holy Books of all the religions and pays homage to and believes in the sanctity of the Founders and Imams of all religions. It glorifies and praises His Holiness Mohammad [Peace be upon Him] and considers Him as the Master of the Messengers, the Seal of the Prophets and the Friend of the Lord of the world. The Bahá’í Faith is the only world religion which confirms the truth of the holy religion of Islam and believes in the truthfulness of the prophetic mission of the Benevolent of Names.

We beseech the One True God that by your authority and your efforts, the perpetrators of such bloodshed will receive their just retribution and put an end to such atrocities. God says: “I have pledged Myself not to forgive any man’s injustice”.


Seeking confirmations,

Ghodsiyyeh Mozaffarnejad