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Date: 10 Dey 1360 [31 December 1981]

In The Name of Him Who is the Supreme Ruler over all that hath been and that is to be (Kitáb-i Aqdas, Baha’u’llah, par. 1)

Article 90 Committee

The Respected President of Parliament in the Sacred Country of Iran

Ayatollah Ali Akbar Rafsanjani, may his confirmations be everlasting


Respectfully, I would like to convey that I am a follower of the sacred Baha’i Faith, and in all honesty and sincerity, I submit my plea for justice to you. With regard to continuous false accusations [against] the Baha’is, I would like to hereby clarify that there are no leaders in the Baha’i Faith.  Once a year, all the eligible adult Baha’is can vote and elect from amongst all the Baha’is of Iran a group of individuals by general election—free and secret and ballots, free from propaganda. These elected individuals are responsible for managing the religious affairs of the Baha’i community of Iran.

Baha’i individuals and the community do not intervene in political affairs, and consider obedience to the government as part of their religious obligation. They cannot be Zionists or spies, as espionage and Zionism are against and contrary to the beliefs of the sacred Baha’i Faith.

Considering the above facts, for what reason and for what crime did they execute the representatives of the Iranian Baha’i community in the sacred country of Iran, without announcing the least information on their trial and on how they were executed? Unfortunately, since the beginning of the Revolution, any plea for justice has been left with no response, and we have no recourse except to leave the affairs in the hand of the powers of the One True God.

The Baha’i Faith, which is considered one of the independent religions, believes in the truth of all the Prophets, respects and venerates the scriptures of all divine religions, respects the sanctity of the religious leaders and religious divine imams, recognizes Muhammad Mostafa—peace be upon Him and His descendants—as the” Seyyed of Messengers” and the “Seal of the Prophets” and the “Beloved of the Lord of the World”.  Amongst the world religions, the Baha’i Faith is the only religion that accept the religion of Islam and attests to its truth and its Prophet.  I beseech the One True God that, through your courage and authority, those who have committed such bloodshed will receive their punishment so that injustice may vanish, as the Lord has pledged not to forgive anyone’s injustice.

Beseeching confirmation

Ghodsiyyeh Mozaffarinejad