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[Personal information has been redacted.]




11/9/1318-[3 December 1939]


The Esteemed Cabinet, may its glory continue,


With absolute respect I bring to your attention that I, Fathollah Ferdowsian Najafabadi, birth certificate number [redacted], during the year 1317-[1938] decided to get married. As I and my wife were both Baha’is the Marriage Registration Bureau did not register our [Baha’i] wedding. After marriage I prepared the Baha’i deed [of marriage] according to legal requirements and took it to the Registry Office in Najafabad.  They told me that as I had Baha’i marriage they cannot register it. Immediately I sent a copy of the deed with a letter to the Registry Office of Isfahan. They also did not respond. Therefore, I sent a letter requesting justice, to the Ministry of Justice and the Head of the Census and Personal Status Office; they also did not respond. For some time now, the Department of Justice in Isfahan has been constantly calling me and wants me to go to Isfahan. I live about 20 Farsakh[1] away from Najafabad and work. They have stopped me from earning my livelihood. I am under a lot of pressure. Now I am requesting from that honourable Cabinet to pay attention to my situation and stop all this harassment and trouble they are causing me. I am not guilty of any crime except marrying according to the requirements of my religion and report it to the relevant authorities. In conclusion, I express my greatest respect


Fathollah Ferdowsian



[1][The European equivalent is the league, each Farsakh is between 5.3-5.7 kilometer]