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6 Mehr 1367 [28 September 1988]


He is the All-seeing, the All-knowing

His Excellency, Haj Agha Monfared,

Sharia Judge, Revolutionary Court of Bandar Abbas

From: Farough Izadinia, son of Azizollah, sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment. Accusation: membership in Baha’i Administration

With respect; Your Honour, whose fame for benevolence and magnanimity has travelled far and wide, and attendance in the court of your justice is the high aspiration of all who are imprisoned without due process, has evidently refused the recommendation of the prosecutor for my release in two consecutive cases, citing that my presence outside the prison is harmful to the society. Alas, how strange, I don’t know how well you know the Baha’is to have come to such a conclusion. No doubt malicious and hostile people have tainted your mind with their insinuations and false accusations; otherwise, your benevolent intentions and pure motives are well known to all.

Dear Mr. Monfared, my freedom or lack of it is not of any significance. The painful midnight sighs of my defenceless and patient spouse are also not of much significance. The tears and weeping of my children at dawn time also bear no significance. My father’s dimmed vision, caused by a torrent of tears and ascending sighs offered every morning to the threshold of the Sovereign Lord, is also insignificant. However, discovering the truth and the establishment of facts are of significance. Suppose among the five billion of the world’s inhabitants, of whom I am an utter nothingness, [I] will stay in prison for [my] belief and due to Divine will. In the grand scheme of things, is this of any significance?

But what is the truth? What harm have Baha’is brought to the society? What breach of trust and which indignity has [been brought about by] them? Which violation against the law and the regulations [have they committed]? Is it not true that the fame of their honesty and trustworthiness has reached every inhabited point? Is it not the case that they have always been clear of any disturbance and agitation?

Mr. Monfared, I hope you will find a chance―not for the purposes of my freedom, but for the sake of the truth―to contemplate this matter and reconsider your decision. God is aware of the innocence of this servant and is witness to truth of his intentions. I have no witness besides Him, whether you accept or refuse.

With respect,

Farough Izadinia


[Official prison stamp]

With fingerprint [Farough Izadinia]

Confirmed by prison superintendent [illegible]

[Signature] 6 Mehr 1367 [28 September 1988]