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27 Azar 1362 [18 December 1983]


In the Name of God

Esteemed Head of the Order of Physicians of Iran, Brother Dr. Sheybani

With respect, given that the most basic right of each human being when they are subjected to injustice is to appeal to the authorities and ask for their assistance, and [given that,] as God has said, if a person hears the cry of “O Muslims” from an oppressed one and passes him by, he cannot be considered a Muslim and a believer in the oneness of God, I hope that you will hear the cry for help from this oppressed one, who has at this time, along with her husband and small child, been subjected to injustice.  My reason for troubling you is that, on 8 Aban 1362 [30 October 1983], at 2:00 a.m., while my baby and my husband and I were asleep, [some individuals] came to our house and arrested my husband for being a Baha’i and took him with them. Now that nearly [illegible] has passed, no news about him has reached me and my child, as we wait.  Dr. Sheybani, all of this violence and injustice has been perpetrated against us under conditions where, not only based on what I am saying, but also as testified by most people of Gonbad-e Kavous, my husband has committed no sin except for believing in the oneness of God and the truth of the Prophets, especially His Highness, Seal of the Prophets, Mohammad ibn Abdollah (may peace be upon Him) [illegible] and, in short, belief in the Baha’i Faith.

Non-participation in politics and [complete] obedience [illegible] to the government and the regime and service to humanity, regardless of belief or religion, comprise the foundations of the beliefs of all Baha’is, including my husband [illegible] and [me].  This is something that everyone knows.  The Baha’is have no other goal except service to humankind and [illegible].  In order to prove the innocence, purity of motive and trustworthiness, and the commitment of my husband, Dr. Fariborz Sanaie, to his sacred field and occupation of being a physician, it should suffice to mention that he would go to the farthest area of Gonbad-e Kavous, namely, Inch-e Boroun, for one whole month, without any expectation of remuneration, and would provide healthcare to the people.  [This was the case] even though no means of transportation was given to him during this time, and he had to stand in front of a dirt road, full of potholes, every morning and try to reach his place of service by any means possible, even riding in water tankers, and then return in the evening.

My intention in expressing these points is not self-praise.  Rather, my intent is this: Is it not a pity that such service-loving and honest people are imprisoned based on imaginary and baseless charges, and the people of a deprived locality remain without access to their services, especially at a time when our country is facing a shortage of doctors and is forced to invite doctors from foreign countries to serve the people of this country?  And then we force three doctors, who believe in our country and its people, to sit idly and uselessly in the corner of a prison.  Are the perpetrators of such injustices not afraid of the tears of the oppressed?  Or are they not fearful of the cries of the deprived and needy individuals who were going to their [doctors’] offices every day, and would not only be seen by them but also get their medicine most of the time?  Dr. Sheybani, although the reliance of God’s people is on the one God Himself, as it says in the prayer “In God will the trusting trust”, given that, according to God, difficulties are to be resolved by the leaders of affairs, I beseech your honour to take action in this matter.  Perhaps in so doing the good prayers of children and the oppressed will become the legacy of your belief and the world beyond.  In closing, I once again assure you that my husband, Dr. Fariborz Sanaie, has no sin except belief in the Baha’i Faith.

With expressions of respect,




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In the Name of God

A letter should be written about this matter.


28 Azar 1362 [19 December 1983]